Best Small Shops Competition

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The Best Small Shops Competition celebrates the commitment and creativity of entrepreneurial independent  retailers on the UK's High Streets and the central role they play in building local communities.

Best Small ShopsIn the current retail landscape many corporate retailers are struggling, but independent retailers have the opportunity to fill this gap by offering customers specialist knowledge, products and customer service.. The Best Small Shops competition is a chance to celebrate this unique industry and show customers what makes small shops so special.

Independent retailers from a all retail sectors across the UK are invited to apply to the Best Small Shops competition, with 25 of the most impressive applications shortlisted and invited to attend the the Best Small Shops reception along with their local MPs.

A judging panel, made up of key figures from the independent retail industry, awards the winning business the title of Best Small Shop. Judging is based on a shop's entrepreneurial activities, their work within the community and innovation in their business.

Why enter the competition?

  • It's free to enter! Any independent retailer based in the UK can enter the competition for free.
  • Free promotion. Every business who enters the competition will be displayed on the Indie Retail directory driving thousands of potential new consumers into your shop.
  • Shortlisted retailers are invited to attend a reception at the Houses of Parliament to meet with MP's, trade representatives and other shortlisted independent retailers where the winner will be awarded the title of Best Small Shop 2018.      

Enter the competition

The entries for 2018's Best Small Shop competition open on 4th July 2018. To enter the competition you will need:

  • to be an independent retailer i.e. A non-corporate business selling goods or services to the public for use or consumption rather than for resale, from a business rated premises in the UK.
  • to have a listing on the Indie Retail directory. If you don't already have a listing you can create one for free here.
  • to submit your entry by Friday 7th September 2018.


Find out more

The Best Small Shops Competition is run by the All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group and administered by the Independent Retailers Confederation.

For more information or for sponsorship opportunites please contact us.

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