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75% of retail transactions paid on card

13 Sep 2018

According to latest BRC Payments Survey
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Third of small businesses not driven by profit

11 Sep 2018

According to new report by peak b

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Lib Dems call for new "commercial landowner levy" to replace business rates

21 Aug 2018

The new proposal would see businesses in 92% of local authorities paying less

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Chancellor considering "Amazon tax" for online retailers

13 Aug 2018

Creating a more level playing field for bricks and mortar retailers

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Small businesses feel penalised by "intensive" HMRC investigations

8 Aug 2018

SMEs unhappy with nature of HMRC investigations
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IRC confirms Westminster for Best Small Shops competition reception

2 Aug 2018

Shortlisted retailers will be invited to the Houses of Parliament
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Protecting your business from credit card fraud

24 Jul 2018

Understanding how to prevent fraudulent card charges
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Best Small Shops competition returns for 2018

16 Jul 2018

UK's indendent retailers encouraged to enter

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75% of retail transactions paid on card

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More than 75% of UK retail transactions now involve cards, according to the latest analysis from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Just 22% of transactions now involve cash, says the BRC in its 2018 Payments Survey. Retailers ended up spending an extra £170m on processing card payments over the year largely, says the BRC, thanks to card scheme fees that rose between 30% and 100% for some transactions.

The BRC Payments Survey questioned 48% of the retail industry and looked at the payment methods that UK shoppers use when they buy goods in store and online, how this has changed since last year and how much it costs retailers on average to handle each method of payment.

BRC head of payments and consumer credit Andrew Cregan said: "EU payment regulation introduced in 2015 delivered savings for the retail industry and consumers, but these benefits have now been eroded by increases in other card fees. In fact, many smaller retailers have questioned whether savings were ever passed on by card companies. The BRC is now looking to the Government and regulator to tackle the alarming increases to card scheme fees imposed by retailers and for action to simplify the complex fees and charges levied by the card payments industry."

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