Eliminating queues for a bespoke shopping experience

BookAShop is an app that will help your customers plan their shopping journeys with confidence, comfort and ease. The BookAShop app allows customers to book specific time slots in the shops of their choosing, based on need, location and destination.

BookAShop's mission is to redefine offline shopping and align more closely to the experience of online shopping by using a consumer-based solution to allow retailers to bring shoppers back with confidence and comfort.

Customers can book a specific time slot using BookAShop - eliminating the need for queues, crowds and chaos. Creating safe and enjoyable retail spaces for both customers and staff.

Merchants using BookAShop can control the flow of customers in order to maintain excellent customer service and of course, social distancing guidelines. BookAShop has been built for those that want to offer and continuously improve their customers' in-store experience.

BookAShop's solutions are consumer-facing, bespoke and relevant to the needs and current requirements of retailers, shopping destinations and city planning. BookAShop, like future shoppers, want to be constantly moving forward - not standing still.

BookAShop are going to do this around the world - so whether its a trip to the local shopping centre, or a long weekend abroad, they can ensure that your customers get the great customer service they deserve.

IRC retailers offer

Sign-up to BookAShop now and pay nothing until 1st January 2021.

After January 2021 BookAShop will not charge you a monthly or yearly licence fee nor do they tie you into a fixed term contact. They will simply invoice you 1p (£0.01) per customer booking*.

In future updates BookAShop will develop the app to include optional additional retailer and customer data tools which maybe chargeable.

Click here to review the BookAShop Terms and Conditions.

*All confirmed customer bookings are charges at 1p (£0.01) even if the customer doesn't honour their booking.



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