booost is an app that allows consumers to collect and redeem loyalty stamps, receive and spend digital gift vouchers and be sent tailored promotions from their favourite independent shops - all directly on their smartphone.

booost - coming soon - is a first of its kind three-in-one product helping to level the playing field between independent retailers and corporates, a multi-sector solution to cater for the modern shopper.   

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booost loyalty
Keep your customers coming back. booost loyalty allows you to set your own criteria for issuing and redeeming digital loyalty stamps or you can use predefined vouchers to give your customers an instant reward.
 booost gift  

Attract new customers and booost your sales. booost gift vouchers essentially work the same way as other existing gift card schemes - they are purchased, gifted then spent. But booost gift vouchers are designed specifically for independent retailers; they are multi sector giving gift recipients a choice on which independent shops they want to spend their vouchers in.

booost allows redemption in any retail outlet - instore and online - in the booost network, it is not a closed loop scheme.

If you're a booost shop cross-fertilisation will attract new customers through your doors, and some more good news, typically 20% of all new customers go on to become a regular customer - and of course you've got booost loyalty options to help enhance that even more for your business.


 booost promotions trade

booost promotions gives you three powerful tools designed to encourage repeat visits to your shop and attract new customers, all managed directly from the booost app.

booost events - get your message sent directly to a customers phone as a pop-up notification, a buzz and bleep in one of your customer's pockets - just like a text message - will inform them of the forthcoming event at your shop, whether that be a sales promotion, a Saturday morning bike ride with mac and cheese in the shop afterwards, a bit of cake tasting or some wine quaffing. You define the event, customers come through your door.

Local offers - let new customers search for offers in your shop based on location. Picture this... Sally is a bit thrifty, loves shopping and loves a good offer. She arrives in your town centre for the first time on a Saturday morning. She looks up booost local offers on her app which uses her current location to give her a list of offers local shops have got going on. This might be a free make-up consultation, buy one get one free deals o products or a free cup of tea when you buy a crumpet... you create the bespoke offer attracting brand spanking new customers.

National offers - booost work with manufacturers and distributors to create nationwide offers, which they will then promote to their customer base. All you need to do is agree to participate then sit back and watch the customers flood through your doors.



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