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New research reveals the top emotions shoppers feel when buying FMCG products

27 Mar 2023

‘Comfort’ (34%), ‘curiosity’ (28%) and ‘nostalgia’ (19%) are among the top feelings consumers experience when buying a new FMCG product, according to a new... Read more…

Budget leaves retail sector disappointed with support offered by the Chancellor

16 Mar 2023

Industry experts and trade associations in the retail sector have been expressing their disappointment at the support offered to retailers in the Chancellor’s Budget.
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UK home entertainment market enjoys its tenth consecutive year of growth.

15 Mar 2023

The UK home entertainment market enjoyed its tenth consecutive year of growth in 2022 to reach a record, according to figures published by the Entertainment Retailers Association.
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Retailers face up to £1m fines for underage knife sales under new sentencing guidelines

14 Mar 2023

Retailers caught selling knives to children in England and Wales could face a £1m fine when new sentencing guidelines come into effect on 1 April.
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80% of British public want card payment fees slashed as the cost-of-living crisis hits businesses

14 Mar 2023

New data shows that a majority of the UK public oppose the rising and unregulated costs British businesses face for simply accepting payments. With the cost of doing business at record levels,... Read more…

How independents can become more sustainable

13 Mar 2023

From saving energy and lighting costs, to using biodegradable packaging and prolonging a product’s lifespan, Drapers Magazine has been looking at how independent retailers can improve... Read more…

Over 160,000 SMEs without mandatory employers’ liability insurance risk fines and prosecution

3 Mar 2023

More than 160,000 small businesses in the UK with between one and nine employees will not have employer’s liability insurance by the end of the year, according to new research from Smart... Read more…

Bakers showing resilience despite cost pressures

3 Mar 2023

Britain’s bakers are showing great resilience despite continued cost and operational pressures, according to industry groups.
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New research shows local high streets & shopping centres more resilient than major shopping hubs in cost-of-living crisis

3 Mar 2023

New data from commercial property specialist Colliers shows that in the face of the UK’s cost of living crisis, minor retail destinations such as local high streets and shopping centres... Read more…

Value of contactless payments grew 50% last year.

27 Feb 2023

Barclays, which oversees nearly half of the UK’s card spending, has reported that the total value of contactless payments made using Barclays cards in the UK increased by 49.7% year on... Read more…

New research reveals the top emotions shoppers feel when buying FMCG products

Posted on in Business News

‘Comfort’ (34%), ‘curiosity’ (28%) and ‘nostalgia’ (19%) are among the top feelings consumers experience when buying a new FMCG product, according to a new survey of 8,000 consumers.


The research was carried out by Product of the Year, the UK’s largest survey of product innovation, in a bid to better understand the motivations and emotions behind the nation’s buying decisions. ‘Value’ ranked in top place polling over half (55%) of the votes with other buying motivators including: ‘loyalty’ (26%), ‘ethical’ (20%), ‘love’ (19%) and ‘recommendation & endorsement’ (14%).

According to the study, when asked what’s most important to them when buying a product, consumers were most concerned with ‘gut health and probiotics’ which drew in a third of the votes (31%). Innovation in this area has risen to new highs as medical research increasingly points towards the importance of our gut health for both mind and body. Plant-based (19%), low and no alcohol (15%), free-from (15%), grooming (13%), home delivered boxes (11%) and most curiously, protein alternatives including mealworms and crickets (10%), all received votes respectively.

Notably, CBD has piqued the interest of the modern shopper with 8% voting for it. CBD consumption has mushroomed in the UK and for the first year ever, a trio of CBD products walked away with top honours at Product of the Year 2023, including: TRIP CBD drinks range and oil (respectively) and Starpowa Premium CBD gummies. Infused into drinks, gummies, oils and foods, CBD is a category ripe for innovation.

“Competition is at its highest point for consumer brands. On average, approximately 30,000 new products are launched each year – so how do you get cut through?” says Helga Slater, MD, Product of the Year.

“Insights like those revealed in our research show how important emotions are to each and every sale. Consumers care more than ever about their health, the environment, animal welfare and many other factors, and every year we see brands stepping up to meet those needs in highly innovative and creative ways.”

The UK’s top five purchasing motivators/emotions:

1. Value
2. Comfort
3. Curiosity
4. Loyalty
5. Ethical

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