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Rsa Your Local Shop Ltd, Paisley, Renfrewshire

Rsa Your Local Shop Ltd

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27 Moss Street


Telephone: 07843702003

Best Small Shops competition 2019

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We have opened a unique set of support services in the form of The Community Fridge, The Community Cabinet and The Energy Bank. These services help relieve the great difficulty people of the community face. Fuel Poverty, Food Poverty and Food Waste being the social and environmental issues affecting the community, which we are as a small business tackling head on, being the example. Upgrading the model of practice of the food bank by offering a healthier alternative. We go above and beyond

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Customer Service is not only about the satisfaction element relating to what products and services are offered to customers. It is about having relevant level of people skills to interact with them. At its core, the ability to employ a natural humanistic approach, allowing for a wholesome and honest customer experience to be delivered and customer appreciation towards a small business to be received. This exchange forms a solid relationship, building loyalty and trust. A sense of community.

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-4.42589 55.8466