The Lanes, an iconic and historic High Street Hub

The Lanes are a collection of quaint, narrow lanes that are the home of specialist, niche independent retail shops.

Historically, The Lanes was the heart of the sleepy fishing village Brighthelmstone. Today, it is an array of winding lanes encapsulating Brighton's history that hold jewellers, designer boutiques and one of a kind stores.

The Lanes are made up of hundreds of unique and fascinating restaurants, cafes and one of a kind stores including Kellie Miller Arts Gallery and Creased Cards.


Kellie MillerKellie MillerKellie Miller Arts Gallery

Kellie Miller Arts Gallery, an artist owned gallery located in the prestigious and historic heart of the Brighton Lanes, houses local, national and international pieces with an original edge. Kellie Miller started her journey in the arts, studying her diploma at Camberwell, her BA at the University of Brighton and her MA at City University London. Since graduating, Kellie set up a ceramic and glass workshop studio in Hove officially launching her career as a full time artist.

In 2002, Kellie started her artist residency and was chosen for an international show in 2004. It was then when she went out with the British Embassy to Japan for 3 years before staying out there for solo shows up until 2010.

Kellie, as a founding member of the Hove Arts Collective, had an open studio and during the 2007-2008 recession she had an amazing year and looked to reinvest. Kellie's husband has always been supportive of her journey and suggested the possibility of having an artist pop up.

After thriving in Japan and the incredible response from her open studio, the path Kellie took to get where she is today was extremely long and unpredictable.

Short-term leasing in Brighton through privately owned landlords was impossible and when Kellie heard of a lady up in London who did pop ups she was put down on the waiting list. 2 years later a shop had opened up on the North Laine but she narrowly missed out on that chance, luckily just a week later 20 Market Street, Brighton became available.

Kellie held her pop up for 2 months and saw great success from it, this helped secure her decision to open up her gallery.
Kellie lobbied the landlords for two weeks after the pop-up in order to gain the lease, however there was a planning appeal in place to change the usage from retail to restaurant. The application was to knock through 20 Market Street shop and join two further units to it. Finally, she was able to meet with the landlords and was granted permission to open the gallery by appointment and when the planning appeal failed for the second time she was offered the lease.

Kellie Miller Arts Gallery officially opened its doors at the end of May 2013.

"It's been brilliant, it has just been growing and growing. It wasn't what I expected".

Having an art gallery involves many ups and downs with no stability or control but once Kellie understood the life of a retailer and the pace of her environment she was able to get creative with the ups and downs.

Kellie Miller Arts Gallery houses five events a year, each event unique and specialist in their own way.

For Kellie, her gallery is more than just a business, it is more than just art, it is a culture. Kellie Miller Arts Gallery is marketed as this is me right now, but for Kellie this isn't the end, as an artist and entrepreneur she is building the foundation behind her gallery as well as being spacious and being a part of what the changes are. Each day is different, you don't know who you will meet, what conversations you will have but it is an experience and a world like no other.

"Without the passion you won't run the distance. Passion, knowledge and experience is key for this".


CreasedCreasedCreased Cards

Creased Cards is an award winning, innovative and unique greeting card and gift retailer, nestled in The Lanes.

Before Creased Cards, Paul used to work in the grey and dull world of insurance and financial services. When he was offered the chance to leave and set up a business on his own he jumped at the chance and began toying with several ideas.

Creased Cards became more than just an idea and was born because for Paul, he is his own ideal customer. "I just love cards - especially those that are unusual, witty or just downright rude!"

After attending a card focused trade show, the gears started turning and in building a full business and implementation plan, 6 months later Creased Cards served its very first customer on the 3rd of December 2013.

The name Creased Cards has a great story behind it, Paul spends days, weeks and months filling notebooks with ideas but then one day while throwing suggestions around with friends it came to him. A card shop focusing on lots of humour - Creased. For Paul, it is a name that he loves still to this day.

The Lanes was the only location for Creased Cards, is it iconic and embodies Creased Cards, a quirky, unusual and friendly environment.

Danny came into the business by chance after working for a bigger chain store in the greeting cards and gifts market space. For Danny, the large corporate environment had ruined retail for him but then coming across Creased Cards changed that all.

At Creased Cards customers are looked after and are the focus of the store. Every day is different and enjoyable in new ways but for Creased Cards the best day is when a customer comes in and wonders through the store browsing, then giggles echo through the store.


Independent retailers are the lifeblood of our High Streets. The Lanes is one of the most iconic indie retail High Streets in the UK with some of the best one of a kind stores offering specialist products, knowledge and the passion for their community.