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Some Local Bike Shop Day ideas to get you going

24 Feb 2020

Ideas that can help you to get your customers and the wider community involved in Local Bike Shop Day

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Free trade entry for The London Bike Show through the ACT

17 Feb 2020

Register for your free trade entry to London Bike Show now Read more…

The Best Small Shops competition gets a new look

14 Feb 2020

The IRC are delighted to announce a rebranding of the Best Small Shops competition to celebrate the fast-paced level of growth and to further amplify the competition

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Redesigning Retail

6 Feb 2020

How big brands are turning the traditional retail model it on its head.
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Calling all Knitters and Crocheters to take part in Reading University survey

4 Feb 2020

The Director at Stitchlinkshas put out a request to all who enjoy knitting or crocheting to take part in a study to explore the psychological effects of knitting and crocheting.
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A Brexit timeline for indie retailers

31 Jan 2020

Tonight the UK will leave the EU at 11pm GMT, ending a 46-year relationship, but what will this mean for independent retailers?

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Indie Retail Calendar 2020: February

30 Jan 2020

The Indie Retail eCommerce calendar for the month ahead to plan your sales & marketing strategies
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Indie Retail to Launch New Monthly Newsletter

29 Jan 2020

On Friday 31st January Indie Retail will be launching a monthly newsletter to be sent out to subscribing independent shops.
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Government to Introduce ‘Jack's Law' Employment Right

29 Jan 2020

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced that it will introduce new Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Regulations.
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ACS calls for Increased Police Funding to Focus on Violence in Local Shops and Communities

29 Jan 2020

The government will increase police funding bymore than £1.1 billion for 2020-21, representing the largest funding increase for the police in ten years.
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Indie Retail Calendar 2020: February

Posted on in Business News

Creating online marketing strategies for your independent business can be often be a tricky and time-consuming business; how often do you post, what do you post about, and how do you make sure your post is seen by your target audience?

Planning ahead is always important in organising campaigns and timing them correctly. To help you in this, Indie Retail has created a 2020 calendar that features notable holidays, events and cultural days for the upcoming month. We hope that highlighting these significant days can give you a little bit of inspiration when planning your campaigns, and give you enough time to do so.

Be organised

Each month within the calendar contains a range of holidays, some well-known ones that you may celebrate every year, and some that you may not have thought about- National Chocolate Cake Day is certainly a favourite of ours!

Having all of these dates in one place allows you to more effectively plan your email, social media, and other online marketing campaigns

We recommend taking a look at the upcoming month when it is sent out in the Indie Retail newsletter and taking note of the days that you may deem to be relevant to your business. Planning out how you want to promote these days in advance will mean that you can start posting about it a few days before-hand, thus building more momentum to your fantastic promotion!

Be creative

When it comes to choosing which national days are relevant to your business some may be more obvious than others; National Doughnut Day would be ideal day for a bakery to run a promotion. However, some days may require more creativity. For example, a holiday such as Australia day may not initially seem relevant to your business, but a few ways to promote this could be:

  • Offering customers named "Steve" a freebie or discount
  • Organising a promotion on items you sell that are made in Australia
  • Donating a percentage of the day's sales towards a charity helping with the Australian wildfires
Using a hashtag when marketing your promotional efforts on social media will mean that your post is more likely to be seen by more people.

Be aware

Aside from using the calendar to base promotional ideas off of, it's also important to be aware of everything happening in a given month in order to fully optimise the timing of your campaigns.

Clashing a campaign with another significant day could lead to no one seeing your promotions or could even cause offence. For example, if a large online retailer was to announce a site-wide sale on the same day as National Independents Day it may cause offence to many customers and result in the promotion being unsuccessful.

Get planning!


Download the February eCommerce now! Be sure to tag Indie Retail in any promotions on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that have been inspired by this calendar, we would love to see them!

Each Indie Retail calendar month will be sent out in the monthly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

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