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Shop occupancy rates improve despite cost-of-living crisis

30 Jan 2023

The number of shops lying vacant on British high streets fell during the final three months of 2022, despite pressure on both companies and consumers from the rising cost of living.
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Bike Europe has reported Halfords’ financial statement demonstrating that cycling sales have dropped to pre-covid levels.

18 Jan 2023

The article reports that, in 2021, Halfords saw its annual cycling sales double and stocks dry up. However, by the middle of 2022, it says, warning signs were appearing as inflation and supply... Read more…

Seaside town bucks the trend with indie retail thriving

16 Jan 2023

Weston-super-Mare seems to be one town in the UK bucking the national trend, with new shops opening and businesses reporting an increase in trade, according to a report by Bristol Live.
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Indie bookshop numbers hit 10-year high in 2022 defying tough retail climate

16 Jan 2023

The number of independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland climbed to a 10-year high in 2022, as the book trade defied the odds in an otherwise tough year for high street retailers.
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New King’s banknotes to enter circulation by mid-2024

12 Jan 2023

New banknotes featuring King Charles are to enter circulation by mid-2024. The King’s portrait will appear on four polymer banknotes (£5, £10, £20, and £50).... Read more…

Government scales back energy bill support for businesses

12 Jan 2023

The government has announced it is to scale back support for businesses and their energy bills after warning that the current level of help was too expensive.
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Sector expertise and user experience counts when it comes to retail finance

10 Jan 2023

With retail finance schemes remaining a preferable route for retailers to boost sales during recession than the financial hit required by heavy product discounting, the Association of Cycle... Read more…

Portugal becomes first EU country to cut VAT on bicycle purchases this year

10 Jan 2023

Portugal has become the first EU country to cut VAT on bicycle purchases this year, from 23% to 6%.
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One in three responds to Big Bike Revival to use bike for one in two journeys previously taken by car

9 Jan 2023

Cycling UK says that its Big Bike Revival programme, which encourages people to get unused bikes out of their garages and sheds and start using them for everyday trips, has led to a third of... Read more…

Busiest year yet for TfL’s cycle hire scheme

9 Jan 2023

Transport for London’s (TfL) cycle hire scheme saw more bikes hired during 2022 than any other year in the scheme’s history, with 11.5 million rentals across the year.
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New report claims UK lagging behind Europe in cycling infrastructure development

Posted on in Brands & Products News, Cycles News

A new survey of 2,000 British cyclists, which is part of a wider European report, claims that only just over a quarter of people in the UK think their local cycling infrastructure has improved in the past year.

The annual “State of the Nation” report by Shimano says that compared to the UK's 27%, an average of 39% across all the other countries involved felt that cycling infrastructure had improved. Lack of infrastructure is believed to be one of the major factors preventing people from cycling.

Cycle lane

This research is part of the wider report which is to be used to assess attitudes and insights towards the use of electric bikes across Europe.

Speaking to Cycling Weekly, Jonathan Davis, PR and communications manager for Shimano Europe said the findings were fascinating and enabled the company to identify key trends in the e-bike market.

“We are delighted to be launching our fourth State of the Nation report. Based on a poll of over 15,500 people across Europe, it aims to examine the motivations of e-bike users and better understand the attitudes to e-bikes and cycling more widely,” he said

''The findings are fascinating and allow us to identify key trends in the market. The awareness of (and even attitudes towards) those who interact with an e-bike in some way are shifting upwards.”

When respondents were asked about the factors that might encourage someone to buy or hire an e-bike now compared to a year ago, economic factors such as cost of living and purchase subsidies came out as the main factors.

37% of people in the UK also cited knowing that they would reduce their environmental impact, as a factor that might encourage someone to buy or hire an e-bike, compared to 33% across Europe.

Across Europe, within those citing environmental impact as a factor in choosing e-bikes, the percentage was highest at 37% amongst the ages 18-24, and higher for women at 36% compared to 30% for men. The factor of environmental concerns also came out higher in both Italy and Spain, which could be seen as a response to extreme weather events recently seen in both countries.

Shimano has been exploring the perceptions and stereotypes that exist around e-bike usage. In the UK the main factors that came to the top of the surface were environmentally conscious people, commuters, and elderly people.

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