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Retail workers face money challenges at alarming rate

31 May 2023

A report published by financial institution Claro Money’s wellbeing division on the effects of money worries for retail workers found that 73% of retail workers feel negatively about their... Read more…

Federation of Independent Retailers says more needed to be done to support smaller businesses in Wales

24 May 2023

Whilst it has welcomed some elements of the Welsh Retail Action plan, the Federation of Independent Retailers (the Fed) said more is needed to be done to support smaller businesses.
... Read more…

Nearly half of customer service staff consider quitting over growing customer abuse

22 May 2023

More than two-fifths (44%) of customer service staff are considering leaving their roles due to increasing levels of cost-of-living fuelled abuse from customers.
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Friendliest high-street businesses include hairdressers and coffee shops, reports new study

22 May 2023

More than half of Britons (55%) say they have received helpful life advice from a local small business owner, new research reports.
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Mixed picture emerging about Coronation effect on retail

9 May 2023

A mixed picture is emerging about the effect of the Coronation weekend across the UK's retail sector.
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Nominations open for British Business Awards 2023

9 May 2023

Nominations have opened for the 2023 British Business Awards.
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Independent retailers look to loyalty schemes to keep up with supermarkets

9 May 2023

Independent retailers are racing to keep up with rivals and retain customers as the battle for loyalty intensifies among supermarkets.
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Government urged to reinstate Tax Free shopping with UK Retailers missing out as sales surge across Europe

9 May 2023

The European retail sector has enjoyed its best month for international spending on Tax Free goods since the end of the pandemic after sales surged by 40% month on month in March 2023, taking... Read more…

Consumers feel protective of independent shops and want to support them for their ‘social good’

27 Apr 2023

New research has found that consumers feel protective of independent shops and want to support them for their ‘social good’.
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Worldwide retailers seeking new ways to attract shoppers as spending slows

26 Apr 2023

Europe's cost of living crisis has benefited discount retailers, but mid-market names are being squeezed as shoppers watch their spending, executives and analysts at an industry conference said... Read more…

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Consumers feel protective of independent shops and want to support them for their ‘social good’

Posted on in Business News

New research has found that consumers feel protective of independent shops and want to support them for their ‘social good’.

pictureque high street

The research, by Faire, the online wholesale marketplace, is based on a survey of 2,000 consumers and 100 independent UK retail leaders conducted by Opinium.

It found that:

  • 30% of British consumers say they feel responsible for supporting independent retailers.
  • 32% of those surveyed said shopping at independents allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and 20% said they think indies provide more sustainable products.
  • Despite this, 48% of British consumers still think independent shops are too expensive when compared to larger chains and online marketplaces.

Despite wanting to support the sector, 20% of British consumers have cut back on shopping at independent retailers because of the cost-of-living crisis – but that there are significant opportunities if independent retailers adopt digital innovation.

Other key take-aways include:

  • independent retail is under pressure in adverse economic conditions…

    • 20% of British consumers are cutting back on shopping with independent retailers because of the cost-of-living crisis.
    • 48% of British consumers think independent shops are too expensive when compared to larger chains and online marketplaces.
  • The independent businesses thriving at the moment are the ones innovating with digital technologies:

    • Among independent retailers, 66% felt their businesses were thriving thanks to digital transformation and 48% said that embracing technology has increased revenues.
    • 61% of the small-to-medium-sized independent retailers surveyed who operate both in-store and digitally report that their business is thriving.
    • The number of independent retailers using Faire in the UK has now hit 45,000: four times the number of stores than the four largest supermarket chains combined.
  • In fact, digital innovation represents a major opportunity for independent retailers to thrive.

    • 92% of the retail leaders agreed offering consumers the ability to browse goods online would enhance the shopping experience.
    • 73% of consumers said that integrating some form of digital retail service would encourage them to shop at their local retailers more

Commenting on the report, Olivier Buffon, Head of International at Faire, said: “Small and independent businesses are the backbone of our economy and our local communities. What this report shows is that consumers turn to them to provide products that are quality, which reflect their values, and which are thoughtfully curated.
“Combine this with the promise of digital innovation, both in how retailers source goods but also in offering digital ecommerce options to consumers, and it’s clear that despite some challenges, independent retail has a bright future.”

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