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Trade association welcomes Home Office ‘back-to-basics’ retail crime promise

13 Sep 2023

The recent pledge by police forces across England and Wales to pursue every lead that holds a reasonable chance of apprehending criminals and solving crimes has been welcomed by Bira, which... Read more…

Hidden basement bar in Liverpool named 'best vegan restaurant' in Britain

12 Sep 2023

A family-run Liverpool restaurant hidden inside a basement is officially Britain's best vegan venue.
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Shoplifters working in organised groups targeting shops with co-ordinated raids

11 Sep 2023

A warning has been issued that shoplifters in the UK are becoming increasingly “emboldened” and appear to be often orchestrated by organised criminal groups, which steal to order,... Read more…

Shops urged to prepare for single-use plastics ban coming into force on 1 October

11 Sep 2023

It has been suggested that some shop owners may be unaware or unprepared for the upcoming change to regulations on single-use plastics on plates, bowls, trays, containers, cutlery and balloon... Read more…

National Lottery retailers urged to transfer retail agreement to new operator.

30 Aug 2023

Allwyn, incoming operator of The National Lottery, has urged independent National Lottery retailers to log on to its new online retailer portal via Read more…

Retailers sceptical about Home Secretary’s call for ‘every theft’ to be investigated.

30 Aug 2023

Shop owners have expressed scepticism that the Home Secretary's recent call for every theft to be investigated by the police will come to fruition, suggesting that police resources are already... Read more…

Consumer confidence shows ‘renewed optimism’ against falling core inflation

29 Aug 2023

Consumer confidence is showing “renewed optimism” against a backdrop of falling core inflation, new figures suggest.
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Coventry shop owners launch street market to bring more people into the area

29 Aug 2023

Shop owners in a part of Coventry have rallied together to launch a street market, with hopes of boosting the number of people that visit the area.
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Indies drinks retailers short-changed in government duty consultation

16 Aug 2023

Independent quality drinks retailers were woefully underrepresented among those consulted by government over the duty changes now hitting businesses, it has been claimed, after industry magazine... Read more…

Online bookshop hits £3 million for independent sellers

16 Aug 2023

Online bookshop Bookshop.org has reached its target of raising £3 million in profit for independent booksellers in its fight for them to “thrive in the world of ecommerce”.
Read more…

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Indies drinks retailers short-changed in government duty consultation

Posted on in Business News

Independent quality drinks retailers were woefully underrepresented among those consulted by government over the duty changes now hitting businesses, it has been claimed, after industry magazine Harpers published details of the duty consultation, following a duty hike on 1 August that saw an increase of £0.44 per 75cl bottle of wine between 11.5% and 14.5%.

Bar bottles

Of the approximately 100 companies and organisation contacted, retailers of still wines were very thin on the ground (just two), with the number of importers, brand owners and industry support bodies of wines (at 18, plus four sparkling organisations) noticeably lower than both beer, cider and low & no companies (38) and public health groups (33) – many of the latter known for pushing back on alcohol. Spirits producers and brand owners sat somewhere in between, accounting for overlap with wine.

Speaking to Harpers, Andy Langshaw of the Harrogate Fine Wine Co. said: “It really did look like the wine trade was under-represented as a whole. Of the 106 consulted maybe only 12 came from the wine trade and of those, the independent sector was hardly represented at all. And that's not just retail shops, there were no importers who primarily deal with the indies either.

"The independent retail/importer sector is not insignificant in terms of sales generated or indeed people employed, so it's shameful to have not been included in the consultation. The closest indies got to a voice was probably Fine+Rare.”

Harpers ran it’s ‘Duty hikes: Details of government consultation revealed’ piece after widespread comment on social media and elsewhere questioning who had been consulted over the deeply unpopular duty rises.

The government launched a ‘Call for Evidence’ to seek the views of stakeholders on how alcohol duty could be reformed in October 2020. This closed in November 2020 with 106 respondents, including the likes of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), Wine GB, Treasury Wine Estates, E&J Gallo Winery, C&C Group and Accolade Wines.

The current single rate for still wines between 11.5% and 14.5%, plus a separate higher rate for fortified, presages a full implementation of the new duty regime in 2025, following a current ‘easement’ period. Duty will then be escalated for each incremental 0.5% degree of alcohol in wine, with an estimated 80% of still wines falling into higher bands.

There will be 27 bands, including separate, higher tiers for fortifieds.

An HM Treasury spokesperson told Harpers: “For the first time in over 140 years the UK’s alcohol duty system has started making sense as a drink’s tax now reflects the amount of alcohol in it, making everything easier to understand.

However, in its consultation response in September 2022, HM Treasury admitted: “In contrast to other parts of the industry, wine producers and retailers were less positive about the overall new regime. Most wine producers and retailers expressed concern that the new duty rate for products between 8.5% and 22% abv would lead to unfair increases in duty for most still and fortified wines."

The 1 August rise will have huge implications for the wine industry, particularly bottles sold under the £10 bracket, which, according to Nielsen, is 96% of all wine sold in the UK.

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