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Concerns expressed by retail leaders following Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

23 Nov 2023

Retail sector leaders have expressed a range of concerns, from taxation to business rates, following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement this week.
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Winners of Booker Prize Indie Bookshop Spotlight competition named.

22 Nov 2023

Six independent bookshops from around the UK have been named as the winners of the inaugural Booker Prize Indie Bookshop Spotlight, a competition in which independent bookshops and booksellers... Read more…

New Conservative Party chairman writes responds to NFSP DVLA petition.

21 Nov 2023

The National Federation of Subpostmasters has received a response from new Conservative party chairman Richard Holden MP regarding the petition to keep DVLA services in post offices.
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British Business Bank launches new ‘Making business finance work.

21 Nov 2023

The British Business Bank has launched a new guide aimed at smaller businesses to help them understand how different financial products can support them at all stages of their development.
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Indie Shops to Boycott Black Friday

21 Nov 2023

Independent retailers across the UK are set to defy the Black Friday sales frenzy for the third year running, according to a survey conducted by Bira, the British Independent Retailers... Read more…

Indie shops key to reversing fortunes of struggling high streets, new study shows.

20 Nov 2023

A focus on independent stores and ‘browse-only’ shops can help to reverse the fortunes of the struggling high street, new research shows.
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Bira sets out expectations for this month’s Budget.

15 Nov 2023

The British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA), which works with over 6,000 independent businesses of all sizes across the UK, has outlined its expectations from the government... Read more…

Mixed picture on consumer spending plans for Christmas

7 Nov 2023

New survey data from Deloitte has shown a seven percentage-point rise in the number of UK consumers - from 19% in 2022 to 26% in 2023 - who intend to spend more in the last three months of 2023,... Read more…

Grants of up to £100,000 made available to boost Cornish High Streets

7 Nov 2023

Communities across Cornwall can now apply for grants of up to £100,000 to improve High Streets, the council has said.
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Warwickshire County Council launches campaign to promote Christmas shopping at independent businesses

6 Nov 2023

A Christmas campaign encouraging Warwickshire’s independent town businesses to shout about why shoppers should buy from them this year is making a comeback.
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Cardmitment campaign launched to remind people of the power of sending greetings cards

Posted on in Business News, Creative News

Cardmitment campaign launched to remind people of the power of sending greetings cards

Cardmitment campaign 2023The #Cardmitment campaign has already received quite a bit of media coverage across the country and the GCA is encouraging all greetings card retailers to take advantage of this campaign by using the #Cardmitment POS toolkit – available to download from this link: https://www.gca.cards/cardmitment-toolkit/.

The GCA says:

“Sending and receiving handwritten cards generates positive feelings and wellbeing, creating an emotional response. The fact that someone has spent the time to make or choose a card, write it, and send it makes the person receiving it feel far more special and cared for than receiving instant texts, emails or other social media messages. Receiving a card, with a loved one’s handwriting is a wonderful feeling. Finding a design and message that is just right for your friend or family member creates a lovely feeling of connection when you send the card.”

The #Cardmitment campaign is about reminding people about the simple pleasure of connecting with loved ones through cards.

The key messages of the campaign include:

Cards matter. Sending and exchanging cards promotes wellbeing and mental health, lighting up the life of recipients and senders alike.

That simple act nurtures local independent businesses on the high streets we all love, supports local charities and organisations in the communities we care for and helps protect the Royal Mail delivery service we all treasure.

And in support of all those brilliant benefits, that’s why we need positive commitments to sending cards – from consumers, from stakeholders such as MPs and politicians.

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