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Study reveals Apple Pay and contactless payments have overtaken cash payments as favourite ways to pay in-store.

8 Feb 2024

New research reveals that Apple Pay and contactless payments have overtaken cash payments by a landslide as our favourite ways to pay in-store.
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Fed expresses alarm at ‘runaway’ shoplifting incidents.

5 Feb 2024

The Federation of Independent Retailers (the Fed) has expressed alarm at new figures that show shoplifting at its highest level in 20 years.
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Hunstanton deli launches new West Norfolk food and drink festival.

5 Feb 2024

A brand-new festival is being launched next month is “all about community and breathing life into the High Street”, according to Mark Kacary, managing director of The Norfolk Deli in... Read more…

Retailers react to disposable vape ban.

5 Feb 2024

The retail sector has been responding to government plans to ban disposable vapes as part of plans to tackle the rise in youth vaping.
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UK’s indie food retailers to be recognised in the Farm Shop and Deli Retailer Awards 2024.

23 Jan 2024

Bakers, butchers, cheesemongers, delicatessens, fishmongers, greengrocers, village stores and small farm shops from around the UK have been shortlisted in the Farm Shop and Deli Retailer Awards... Read more…

How Independent Retailers Can Stand Out in A Crowded Market

23 Jan 2024

An interesting article has appeared in Forbes reflecting many of the issues that Indie Retail & ActSmart members will be experiencing – the challenges and... Read more…

Eight in Ten Small Businesses Taking Positive Steps to Strengthen Their Enterprises in 2024

22 Jan 2024

Eight in ten small business owners (81%) are planning to develop their companies in 2024, according to new research from Novuna Business Finance. The research shows that over a third (33%) are... Read more…

The Times names 12 of the UK’s best independent bookshops — as chosen by its readers.

22 Jan 2024

The Times has named 12 of the UK’s best independent bookshops — as chosen by its readers. Readers highlighted places that combined books with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.... Read more…

Bira Launches Second Annual Campaign for Valentine's Day - #LoveYourHighStreet

22 Jan 2024

The British Independent Retailers Association is championing the high street again this Valentine's Day for the second consecutive year with its #LoveYourHighStreet campaign.
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Family-run shop in Lanarkshire village scoops community retailer award for second year running.

10 Jan 2024

Nads Store, a family-run shop in Law, Lanarkshire, has been named Community Retailer of the Year at the Scottish Asian and Business Awards ceremony for the second year running.
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Bira issues guide to protecting yourself against festive cyber scams

Posted on in Business News

In the age of online shopping, the pursuit of the best deals during the festive season is increasingly common. However, as consumers flock to virtual marketplaces, cybercriminals are seizing the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities, leading to a surge in scams.

Cyber theft

Working with the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre (WMCRC), CDS Defence & Security, Bira has offered guidance to independent retailers on safeguarding against festive cyber scams.

Barclays conducted a study revealing a 22% surge in scams during the festive season, with an alarming £10 million lost to cybercriminals last year. Shockingly, 91% of the British public fails to verify the registration status of unknown companies on Companies House. The 25-34 age group remains the most vulnerable, facing an average loss of £970 per victim during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

In detailed guidance on its website, Bira says scams to beware of include fake order scams; fake tracking numbers; phony websites; fake social media advertisements; fake charities; false discounts, and to be aware of texts and emails with hidden links that, when clicked, install malware on devices for the theft of personal information.

To stay protected, the guidance is to research products and suppliers before making purchases; verify the authenticity of sellers, especially when dealing with in-demand items; exercise caution with big discounts., and to identify potential phishing emails by checking the sender's email domain.

You are advised to report any suspicious activity to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), ActionFraud, or Citizens Advice to contribute to the collective effort against fraud and cybercrime.

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